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    Corporate Office
     :: Richmond, BC

    Regional Offices Lime Operations
     :: Salt Lake City, UT
     :: Calgary, AB
     :: Bellefonte, PA
     :: Boucherville, QC
     :: West Bend, WI

    Lime Plants & Terminals - by region
     :: Western U.S.
     :: Western Canada
     :: Great Lakes
     :: Eastern U.S.
     :: Eastern Canada

    PCC Plant
     :: Tacoma, WA

    Graymont Materials
     :: New York Construction Materials
     :: Quebec Construction Materials


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Lime Plants, Terminals, Regional Offices & PCC Plants

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Eden Plant Eastern U.S. Regional Office Superior Plant Genoa Plant Rivergate Plant Summit Plant Fort McMurray Terminal Boucherville Regional Office Salt Lake City Regional Office Richmond Corporate Office Calgary Regional Office Tacoma Plant St. Helens PCC Plant Brooks Terminal Portland Terminal Golconda Terminal Carlin Terminal Rocky Mountain Transload-Lucerne Terminal Saskatoon Terminal Ashcroft Terminal Prince George Terminal Westvaco (FMC) Terminal Hensler Terminal Bellefonte Terminal CSX - Transflo - Allston Terminal Longview Terminal Sugarfield Terminal Exshaw Plant Pilot Peak Plant Indian Creek Plant Tacoma PCC Plant Green Bay Plant Port Inland Plant West Bend Regional Office Eastern U.S. Regional Office Pleasant Gap Plant Genoa Plant Joliette Plant Marbelton Plant Havelock Plant Faulkner Plant Pavilion Plant Summit Plant Cricket Mountain Plant Bedford Plant

Graymont Offices
Lime Plants

Lime Terminals
PCC Plants

Lime Plants & Terminals in the Western U.S.

Lime Plants

Indian Creek Plant Indian Creek, MT
Pilot Peak Plant Pilot Peak, NV
Rivergate Plant Portland, OR
Cricket Mountain Plant Cricket Mountain, UT
Tacoma Plant Tacoma, WA


Sugarfield Terminal Sugarfield, CA
Rocky Mountain Transload Terminal Lucerne, CO
Carlin Terminal Carlin, NV
Golconda Terminal Golconda, NV
Hensler Terminal Hensler, ND
Longview Terminal Longview, WA
Westvaco (FMC) Terminal Westvaco, WY

Lime Plants & Terminals in Western Canada

Lime Plants

Exshaw Plant Exshaw, AB
Summit Plant Summit, AB
Pavilion Plant Pavilion, BC
Faulkner Plant Faulkner, MB


Ashcroft Terminal Ashcroft, BC
Fort McMurray Terminal Fort McMurray, AB
Prince George Terminal Prince George, BC
Saskatoon Terminal Saskatoon, SK

Lime Plants & Terminals in the Eastern U.S.

Lime Plants

Pleasant Gap Plant Pleasant Gap, PA


Con-Lime Terminal Bellefonte, PA
Bellefonte Terminal Bellefonte, PA

Lime Plants & Terminals in Eastern Canada

Lime Plants

Havelock Plant Havelock, NB
Bedford Plant Bedford, QC
Joliette Plant Joliette, QC
Marbleton Plant Marbleton, QC


No Terminals Currently Active  

Lime Plants & Terminals in the Great Lakes region

Lime Plants

Eden Plant Eden, WI
Genoa Plant Genoa, OH
Green Bay Plant Green Bay, WI
Port Inland Plant Gulliver, MI
Superior Plant Superior, WI


No Terminals Currently Active  

PCC Plant


Tacoma PCC Plant Tacoma, WA