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For Sales Information, please contact:
In New York:

Dave Blow
1 518 563 0700
In Quebec:

1 418 268 3584
In Eastern Ontario:

Jim MacGregor
1 613 258 3624

Technical Information:
Complete Installation Manual
††Retaining Wall Installation (PDF)
††Special Wall Features (PDF)
††Concrete Sealer & Stain (PDF)
††Block Details (PDF)
††Sample Construction Details (PDF)
Wall System Specifications
††9 Inch Setback Block Details (PDF)
††21 Inch Series Specs (PDF)
††41 Inch Series Specs (PDF)
††60 Inch Block Details (PDF)
PDF DocumentRedi-Rockô Product Catalog (1.2M)
PDF DocumentShoreline Protection Catalog (1.5M)
PDF DocumentShoreline Protection Brochure
PDF DocumentForce Protection Catalog (1.2M)

Redi-Rock in the News :
PDF DocumentQuarry expands Redi-Rock service
Dec. 28, 2006
PDF DocumentGraymont Corp. making strides in rock-solid industry
Oct. 29, 2006

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Redi-Rockô blocks are made of 30MPa air entrained, 4000psi wet cast concrete providing superior performance in all applications.

Redi-Rockô Retaining Walls

Graymont Materials is the exclusive producer of Redi-Rock™ products for distribution in northeastern New York.

Redi-Rock™ is considered the world's leading and most innovative large-block retaining wall system. The pre-cast concrete blocks utilize a self-aligning knob and groove system, and weigh on average between 1,500 and 2,500 lbs. These large blocks can create stable gravity walls measuring up to 13.5 feet in height without the need for a geo-grid or tie-back system.

Even taller retaining walls can be constructed by using the new Redi-Rock™ mechanical geo-connector system. Installation of Redi-Rock™ is easy and economical — two workers and a compact piece of equipment about the same size as a medium-sized skid steer can quickly place blocks to accurate grades.

Redi-Rock™ blocks have a natural rock appearance, nearly indistinguishable from quarried stone. The blocks are available in a variety of unit sizes, face types and textures, in unlimited colors.

The variety, strength and versatility of Redi-Rock™ allows for creative design in applications such as shoreline protection, commercial and residential landscape architecture, force protection perimeter walls, foundation support for construction projects, bridges, bridge abutments, highway retaining walls, and many other construction, erosion-control and retaining wall applications.

Graymont and Redi-Rockô Walls of the Adirondacks stand ready to consult and support your project with Redi-Rockô. For more information, contact Graymont's Redi-Rockô sales representative or visit

Photos of Redi-Rockô applications:
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