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Graymont Home Energy Efficiency Improvement Contest
Andre Van Agten
Andre Van Agten, Winner of the 1st Home Energy Contest

Richmond, April 15, 2008 –The winners of Graymont’s home energy efficiency improvement contest, which rewards employees at each Graymont location who make the largest reduction in their home energy use, have been announced.

The grand prize winner of this year’s contest is Andre Van Agten from Havelock, NB. Van Agten’s energy saving measures resulted in an 18.5% reduction in his home energy usage from 2006 to 2007. These measures included installing new insulation and siding, putting in all new windows, replacing old incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents, lowering the thermostat setting on his hot water tank and installing two new toilets with large-small flush options. In addition to winning the $1,000 grand prize, Van Agten takes home another $200 as the winner from his location.

The range in energy savings by other contest participants was impressive – anywhere from 1% to the winning 18.5%, with the most submissions in the 8-10% savings range – and resulted from a variety of efforts such as installing a solar panel to generate electricity, switching to an electric lawn mower from a gas-powered one and purchasing new energy efficient appliances.

Graymont takes a long term view of its business and the lime industry.  As an environmentally responsible company, and as like-minded individuals, Graymont and employees recognize the importance of energy and energy efficiency in our society today and look forward to continuing to reduce energy consumption, improve our environment, and contribute to the community as good neighbours.